Kōkako - restoring bird song to Mt Pirongia

In the early 1900s kōkako were common in forests all over New Zealand but 90 years later, there were just 330 breeding pairs left. The haunting song of kōkako was destined to disappear. In the 1990s a public campaign had the last of the kōkako on Mt Pirongia removed so they wouldn't die out. Kōkako were seriously declining in number across the North Island as logging, land clearance, and predators all took their toll. Hard work by scientists, the Department of Conservation, iwi and community groups over the past 20 years is helping kōkako numbers recover.
This field trip celebrates 20 years of hard work to bring kōkako back to their maunga and see how you too can help restore birdsong to your local area.