Waka Voyaging - exploring hauora during an ocean adventure

Thousands of years ago, the ancestors of Māori journeyed out of South-East Asia and across the Pacific Ocean. It was a migration that took thousands of years. These people were some of the world's greatest waka builders and sailors. More recently, a waka revival has been gathering momentum throughout the Pacific, including here in New Zealand. People are rediscovering the traditional voyaging style of their ancestors, and connecting with the spirit of their journeys on the open sea.

On this field trip you will meet the crew of Nukutaiao Waka Hourua as they make their final preparations for a sailing expedition to Noumea, a 1600 kilometre, three week ocean voyage using ancient wayfinding techniques. You will learn more about this traditional double hulled waka, along with the training and preparation needed to be a sailor on board for the journey. You will find out what skills and attributes are required to be part of the crew, and how being part of such an expedition can positively affect one’s hauora.

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